City Council Meetings are held the second 

   Monday of every month at 6:00 PM at

   the City Building located at 202 Birch. 

   These meetings are open to the public

   and all are welcome to attend.



   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-October 2018.docx

   Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2018.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2018-Special Call Budget Hearing.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2018-Special Call.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2018-No Quorum.docx

   Minutes 7-Newspaper Post-July 2018.docx

   Minutes 6-Newspaper Post-June 2018.docx

   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-May 2018.docx

   Minutes 4-Newspaper Post-April 2018.docx

   Minutes 3-Newspaper Post-March 2018.docx

   Minutes 2-Newspaper Post-February 2018.docx

   Minutes 1-Newspaper Post-January 2018.docx​


   Minutes 12-Newspaper Post-December 2017.docx

   Minutes 11-Newspaper Post-November 2017.docx

​   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-October 2017.docx

   Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2017.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2017.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-Special Call-August 2017.docx

​   7-Minutes-July 2017.docx

   Minutes 6-Newspaper Post-June 2017.docx

​   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-May 2017.docx 

   Minutes 4-Newspaper Post-April 2017.docx

   Minutes 3-Newspaper Post-March 2017.docx

   Minutes 2-Newspaper Post-February 2017.docx

   Minutes 1-Newspaper Post-January 2017.docx


   Minutes 12-Newspaper Post-December 2016.docx

​   Minutes 11-Newspaper Post-November 2016.docx

   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-Special Call Oct 2016.docx

  Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2016.docx

   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-No Quorum- October 2016

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2016.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-Special Call-August 2016.docx

   Minutes 7-Newspaper Post-July 2016.docx

   Minutes 6-Newspaper Post-June 2016.docx

   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-Special Call-May 2016.docx

   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-No Quorum-May 2016.docx

   Minutes 4-Newspaper Post-April 2016.docx

   3-Minutes-March 2016-Newspaper Post.docx

   2-Minutes-February 2016-Newspaper Post.rtf

   Minutes 1-Newspaper Post-January 2016.docx


   Minutes 12-Newspaper Post-December 2015.docx

   Minutes 11-Newspaper Post-November 2015.docx

   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-October 2015.docx    

   Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2015.docx

   Minutes 8-Special Call-Newspaper Post-August 2015.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2015.docx

   Minutes 7-Newspaper Post-July 2015.docx

   June 1, 2015 Minutes

   May 4, 2015 Minutes.docx

   April 6, 2015 Minutes.docx

   3-Minutes-March 2015.docx

   Minutes 2-Special Call-February 2015 (2).docx

   Minutes 2-No Quorum-February 2015.rtf

   Minutes 1-January 2015.rtf



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