City Minutes

   City Council Meetings are held the second 

   Monday of every month at 6:00 PM at

   the City Building located at 202 Birch. 

   These meetings are open to the public

   and all are welcome to attend.


Jan 2023.docx

Feb 2023 Meeting Minutes.docx

Meeting Minutes March 2023.docx

April 2023 Meeting Minutes.docx

City Meeting Minutes May 2023.docx

Minutes June 12, 2023.docx



Meeting Minutes Feb 14, 2022.docx


MeetingMinutesApril 22.docx

Meeting minutes May 2022.docx

Meeting minutes June 2022.docx


Public Meeting August 3, 2020 minutes.docx

Meeting Minutes Sept. 2022.docx

Meeting Minutes October 10, 2022.docx

Meeting minutes Nov 2022.docx


January 2021 meeting minutes.docx

February 8, 2021 meeting minutes.docx

Special Session Minutes Feb 22, 2021.docx

Meeting minutes March 8, 2021.docx

Meeting Minutes April 2021.docx

May 10, 2021 Meeting Minutes.docx

Meeting minutes June 14, 2021.docx

Meeting (special) minutes June 28, 2021.docx

Meeting Minutes July 12, 2021.docx

August 9 2021 meeting minutes.docx

Meeting Minutes Sept 11 2021.docx

Meeting Minutes October 11, 2021.docx

Meeting Minutes Nov 8 2021.docx

Meeting Minutes Dec13, 2021.docx



Meeting minutes Jan 13, 2020.docx

Meeting minutes Feb. 10, 2020.docx

Meeting minutes Mar 9, 2020.docx

Meeting minutes Apr 2020.docx

Meeting Minutes May 11, 2020.docx

Meeting minutes June 8 2020.docx

Meeting minutes July 13, 2020.docx

Public Meeting August 3, 2020 minutes.docx

Meeting minutes for August 10, 2020.docx

August 24 2020 Special Session Budget Hearing Minutes.docx

September 14, 2020 Meeting minutes.docx

Special session minutes October 5, 2020.docx

Meeting minutes October 5, 2020.docx

Meeting minutes Oct 12, 2020.docx

Meeting minutes Nov. 9 2020.docx

Meeting minutes Dec 2020.docx


Minutes 1-January 2019.docx

Feb Minutes 2019.docx

Mar Minutes 2019.docx

April 8, 2019 Minutes.docx

May Minutes 2019.docx

Apr2019 Special Session.pdf

June Minutes 2019.docx

July Minutes 2019.docx

Aug Minutes 2019.docx

Minutes Sept 10, 2019.docx

Public Hearing Minutes September 16, 2019.docx

Meeting minutes Oct 14, 2019.docx

Meeting minutes Nov 9, 2019.docx

Meeting minutes Dec 9, 2019.docx


   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-October 2018.docx

   Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2018.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2018-Special Call Budget Hearing.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2018-Special Call.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2018-No Quorum.docx

   Minutes 7-Newspaper Post-July 2018.docx

   Minutes 6-Newspaper Post-June 2018.docx

   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-May 2018.docx

   Minutes 4-Newspaper Post-April 2018.docx

   Minutes 3-Newspaper Post-March 2018.docx

   Minutes 2-Newspaper Post-February 2018.docx

   Minutes 1-Newspaper Post-January 2018.docx​


   Minutes 12-Newspaper Post-December 2017.docx

   Minutes 11-Newspaper Post-November 2017.docx

​   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-October 2017.docx

   Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2017.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2017.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-Special Call-August 2017.docx

​   7-Minutes-July 2017.docx

   Minutes 6-Newspaper Post-June 2017.docx

​   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-May 2017.docx 

   Minutes 4-Newspaper Post-April 2017.docx

   Minutes 3-Newspaper Post-March 2017.docx

   Minutes 2-Newspaper Post-February 2017.docx

   Minutes 1-Newspaper Post-January 2017.docx


   Minutes 12-Newspaper Post-December 2016.docx

​   Minutes 11-Newspaper Post-November 2016.docx

   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-Special Call Oct 2016.docx

  Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2016.docx

   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-No Quorum- October 2016

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2016.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-Special Call-August 2016.docx

   Minutes 7-Newspaper Post-July 2016.docx

   Minutes 6-Newspaper Post-June 2016.docx

   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-Special Call-May 2016.docx

   Minutes 5-Newspaper Post-No Quorum-May 2016.docx

   Minutes 4-Newspaper Post-April 2016.docx

   3-Minutes-March 2016-Newspaper Post.docx

   2-Minutes-February 2016-Newspaper Post.rtf

   Minutes 1-Newspaper Post-January 2016.docx


   Minutes 12-Newspaper Post-December 2015.docx

   Minutes 11-Newspaper Post-November 2015.docx

   Minutes 10-Newspaper Post-October 2015.docx    

   Minutes 9-Newspaper Post-September 2015.docx

   Minutes 8-Special Call-Newspaper Post-August 2015.docx

   Minutes 8-Newspaper Post-August 2015.docx

   Minutes 7-Newspaper Post-July 2015.docx

   June 1, 2015 Minutes

   May 4, 2015 Minutes.docx

   April 6, 2015 Minutes.docx

   3-Minutes-March 2015.docx

   Minutes 2-Special Call-February 2015 (2).docx

   Minutes 2-No Quorum-February 2015.rtf

   Minutes 1-January 2015.rtf



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