Resolution 2023-001 (Property Tax Revenue Neutral Rate)

  Ordinance No. 2022-01 (Chicken Keeping)

  Ordinance No. 2021-01 (Bond to finance Sewer Improvements)

  Resolution No.  2021-01 (Authorization of Sewer Bond)

  Ordinance No. 2020-02 (Sewer System Improvements)

  Resolution No. 2020-01 (USDA RD forms) 

  Resolution No. 2019-03 (USDA RD Funds Repayment)

  Resolution No. 2019-02 (Sewer Improvements CDBG)

  Resolution No. 2019-01 (Authorization for CDBG Grant) 

  Ordinance No. 2018-1 (Day and Time Meeting).docx

  Ordinance No 2016-2 (Trash).pdf

  Ordinance No 2016-1 (Water Fees)

  Charter Ordinance No 2017-1 (Election)  

  Resolution No. 2015-2 (Ratification) 

  Ordinance No 2015-5 (Water Charges).pdf  

  Ordinance No. 2015-4 (Bad Debt).docx

  Ordinance No 2015-3 (Day and Time of City Council Meeting)

  Ordinance No. 2015-2 (City Charges)

  Charter Ordinance 2015-1 (Officer Qualifications)

  Ordinance No 2015-1 (RO Systems).docx

  Ordinance No 130 (Fees and Charges for Water).pdf

  Ordinance No 129 (RO unit installation)

  Ordinance No 128 (KDHE Loan Agreement).pdf 

  Ordinance 2011-2 (KDHE Loan Application)

  Ordinance 2011-1 (Exempt from Utility Damage Act ) 

  Ordinance No. 126 (Water Drought).pdf

  Ordinance No 125 (Wastewater Rates).pdf 

  Ordinance No 121 (Dangerous Animals).pdf

  Resolution 2006-2 (Retailer's Sales Tax)

  Ordinance No. 120 (Electric Franchise to Aquila) 2005

  Resolution 2004.2 (Condemnation of Property)

  Resolution 2004-1 (Unsafe Structure Recourse)

  Ordinance No 117 (Unsafe Dangerous Structures).pdf

  Ordinance No, 2002-1 (Exemption from Annual Audit)

  Ordinance No 116 (Subdivision Regulations RH CO).pdf

  Ordinance No 115 (Zoning Regulations RH CO).pdf  

  Ordinance No 114 (Street sign placement) 2001 

  Ordinance No 109 (Junk Vehicles).pdf

  Ordinance No 106 (Cereal Malt Hours).pdf

  Ordinance No 105 (Animals and Livestock).pdf

  Ordinance No 100 (Protecting Water Supply).pdf

  Ordinance No 99 (Trash Service Licensure).pdf